Modern Name

Modern Parents Choose Modern Baby Names

If the thought of old traditions, predictable habits, and conventional customs make you cheerless, then you’re a good candidate for choosing a fresh, modern name of any name for child. Traditional names go back hundreds or thousands of years, while a modern name is updated for the times. If an ancient name like Sarah or John just won’t do for you, then you’re in the market for a more fashionable name. Pierce, Jaime, and Brodie are examples of modern baby names.

Just because a name is up-to-the-minute and modern doesn’t mean it has to be wild or unusual. A list of modern names encompasses any names that are neither ancient nor odd. Modern names still have roots and their very own etymologies; they aren’t made-up or totally quirky names. Missy and Lauryn are examples of modern names with English roots, while other modern names, like Jessilyn and Taniesha, are a blending of two forenames.

Celebrities often give their children out of the ordinary names that the rest of the world cannot relate to. Such monikers as Shiloh Nouvel (daughter of Brad and Angelina) are too unique to be labeled as modern. During recessionary times, parents become acutely aware that a wild name may not help their child’s future. Brad and Angie don’t have to worry so much about finances, so they can go as extreme as they please. (Remember Moon Unit, Frank Zappa’s daughter?)

A modern name is the best of tomorrow and yesterday; it’s not terribly old-fashioned, yet it’s not too far ahead of its time. It’s likely to please your child, because a modern name is neither basic nor irreverent. If looking ahead while having your feet planted firmly on terra firma is important to you, a modern name is just what you’re looking for.